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Travel Clinic 

At Woodbridge Road Pharmacy, we offer comprehensive Travel Vaccinations for all destinations, with expert pharmacists guiding your safety. We provide both drop-in and pre-booked travel clinics with affordable pricing and no appointment fees. If you're unsure about required vaccines, contact us for guidance. Call now to book.

Which vaccinations do I need to travel abroad?
Get advice about vaccinations well before you're due to travel. If you do need new vaccinations, some jabs need to be given well in advance so that they can work properly. Some of them required 10 days prior to go on holiday. You also need to make sure that your existing vaccinations for the UK are up to date, such as polio and tetanus. Contact us for further information.​  

 Where are you going?

Hajj and Umrah Vaccination?
For Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage, individuals (age 2+) must show an ACYW135 meningitis vaccination certificate, issued within 5 years but no less than 10 days before entering Saudi Arabia. UK visa applications require this proof at least 10 days before entry. Different rules apply to pilgrims from other countries. Visit us for same-day appointments, competitive prices, and travel medicine advice. Call now to protect yourself and your family.

Vaccination Price List

Vaccines Price 
Per Dose
No of
Chickenpox £59.00 2
Cholera – Dukoral (Oral Suspension) £49.00 2
Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio (Booster) £30.00 1
Flu vaccination £14.00 1
Hep A (Over 16 years old ) £50.00 1
Hep A (Over 1 year old) £35.00 1
Hep B (Over 16 years old) £45.00 3
Hep B (Over 1 year old) £25.00 3
Hep A & Hep B combi (Twinrix) Over 16 years old £69.00 2+1
Hep A & Hep B combi (Twinrix paed) Over 1 year old £45.00 2+1
Hep A & Typhoid combi (Over 15 years old) £80.00 1
Japanese encephalitis (Ixiaro) (Doses 28 days apart) £99.99 2
MMR (Over 1 year old) £40.00 2
Meningitis Menveo (Certificate valid from 10 days to 5 years after immunisation for Hajj & Umrah) £45.00 1
Meningitis Nimenrix (Certificate valid from 10 days to 5 years after immunisation for Hajj & Umrah) £45.00 1
Pneumococcal Vaccine
£30.00 1
Rabies (Pre-exposure. Post-exposure doses are required urgently) £69.99 3
Typhoid (Over 2 years old) £35.00 1
Typhoid oral (Over 6 years old) £35.00 1
Tick-borne encephalitis (Over 16 years old) £60.00 3
Yellow fever (Stamaril) subcut with certificate £65.00 1
Zostavax (Shingles) £154.99 1
MALARIA PROPHYLAXIS  * Contact Pharmacy for up-to-date price details
Male Dysfunction treatment * Contact Pharmacy for up-to-date price details
Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) * Contact Pharmacy for up-to-date price details
* All prices are subject to change.

Travel Clinic Services are curretnly paused due to the pharmacist change over. We will resume the services as soon as possible.
Sorry about the ​inconvenience caused.